Our programs are based on the philosophy that early childhood education should be child-centered and play-  based. Each child is unique with innate curiosities. They are active learners who need nurturing teachers as well as a strong curriculum.  A successful child-centered approach involves a play-based program which includes a variety of manipulatives and open-ended activities that meet all levels of development and need.  An environment that offers choices and developmentally appropriate centers provokes curiosity and encourages interaction among peers.  It is through exploration and active experiences as well as meaningful social interactions that children come to better understand the world around them while developing their self-esteem and a higher level of thinking.

In addition to their regular learning, the children will participate in regularly scheduled enrichment programs such as Music, Creative Movement and Darien Nature Center.  Our 3 year olds, 4 year olds and Pre-K students will attend a weekly chapel for a brief, age-appropriate program.  Our 2 year olds enjoy story time with a member of the clergy every other week.

For more information about our programs, please contact the office.

Two’s Program

As this is the first drop- off experience many children will have, we strive to make our classes small and nurturing. There are a maximum of 8 children and 2 teachers in each class. Classes are divided into an Older 2’s and Younger 2’s group.  Each class has a private bathroom.

We offer a two day or three day a week program for our 2 year olds.

ProgramsMonday and Tuesday
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Times9:00 – 11:30 am
9:00 – 11:30 am

Three’s Program

In our 3’s program, the children are beginning to become more comfortable within a group dynamic and in a classroom setting. As they work together with others, they will develop self-help and problem solving skills.  The children will explore with numbers, letters, colors and shapes. As children will experience dramatic growth this year, we group the 3’s chronologically to best meet their educational and social needs. The youngest 3’s will be in a class of 8 children and 2 teachers; the middle and oldest 3’s will be in classes with a maximum of 14 students and two teachers.   Those who select the five day option will participate in mixed age-group classes on Fridays.

We offer a three day, four day or five day program for our 3 year olds.

3 day ProgramTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Time9:00 – 11:45 AM

If your child is ready for more learning opportunities, we offer two extra options for our Three’s:

4-Day Optional ProgramAdd Mondays – children remain in
their regular 3-Day Program Class

Time9:00 to 11:45

5-Day Optional ProgramAdd Mondays and Fridays (Friday: mixed age-group classes)

Time9:00 to 11:45

Note: if your child is ready for a longer day, check out our Afternoon Adventure Programs below, or call the office for more information.

Four’s Program

Our 4 year olds attend a 5 day program.  Students continue to work on curriculum with numbers, letters, colors and shapes. They also enjoy Fantastic Fridays which includes Shake and Bake, special theme days, outside enrichment visitors and theme specific art projects. These weeks are longer allowing for the growth of exploring minds who are ready to work on both individual and team projects, develop daily routines and continue academic growth.  Class size is never greater than 14 and 2 teachers.

5 Day ProgramMonday through Friday
Time9:00 – 11:45 AM

Note: if your child is ready for a longer day, check out our Afternoon Adventure Programs below, or call the office for more information.


This 5 day program is for older 4’s and 5 year old children who need or want an extra year before Kindergarten. Older 4’s are welcome in consultation with teachers and the Director.  Class size is limited to 16 children and 2 teachers. This class size allows us to work closely with your child to help him or her acclimate to a longer school day and get ready for Kindergarten.

Monday- Thursday 9:00 AM -1:55 PM

Friday 9:00 AM-12:30 PM

Afternoon Adventure Programs

For children who are ready for a longer day, we have designed an optional enrichment curriculum. A brief description of these Afternoon Adventures may be found below. Children bring their own lunch to these programs. Please note that Saint Luke’s Parish School is a nut-free environment, and all lunches should be sent with an ice pack. 

Please contact the office for more detailed information such as days when these programs are offered and costs.

Lunch Bunch – children will enjoy time for additional learning, socialization and free play with friends. For 3’s and 4’s.

Mini Chefs/ Kids in the Kitchen – children will learn basic cooking skills as they measure, mix, stir, pour and create. For 3’s and 4’s.

Lil Librarians/ Bookworm Kids – children will be introduced to a variety of literature and enjoy crafts, cooking, dancing and more related to the books. For 3’s and 4’s.

Messy Art/ Creative Kids – children will participate in a range of activities designed to stimulate their creative nature such as cooking, literature, journal keeping, art projects, games and more. For 3’s and 4’s.

Mini Explorers/ Explorer Kids – children will participate in nature activities, “in-school” scavenger hunts, scientific experiments, hikes and crafts to help them expand their knowledge base. For3’s and 4’s.