SLPS is an Episcopal School that provides a weekday ministry to young children without regard to race, religion, nationality or economic status, through an early childhood education program, fostering close relationship between home, school and parish. Our school’s goal is to prepare our children educationally, socially and spiritually for their futures by helping the whole child grow in a developmentally appropriate atmosphere-

  • Emotionally – to create a positive self-image
  • Socially – to learn to get along with others in an increasingly diverse world and to respect other religious traditions and beliefs
  • Physically – to develop muscle coordination and the ability to care for oneself
  • Intellectually – to encourage a child’s curiosity and to provide an opportunity to learn in a nurturing environment
  • Spiritually – to foster a sense of age-appropriate religious understanding and spiritual wonder and to instill key Christian values of prayer, worship, love of neighbor, justice and peace